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Perfectly Imperfect
Perfectly Imperfect
I said pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

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Basically describes last night

Basically describes last night

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Currently curled up in his sweatshirt. Occasionally I’ll sniff the inside of it and I can still smell him. It’s the most relaxing and comforting feeling in the world

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I have a fascination with lips

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This whole weekend has been insane for me.  After finally hooking up with two guys that I’ve been trying to get with for about a year now, it’s finally happened and I am completely content.  Especially after last night, everything felt right and I just want to be back in his arms.

I am unbelievably happy right now. Tonight, after a year of trying, I finally hooked up with this guy that I’ve liked. Let’s just say it was an incredible night and I feel like I’m on cloud nine

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